Complete Guide To NoFap Hardmode: Rules vs Normal Mode! 2023

The term “nofap” means not engaging in pornography or masturbation (or both) on an ongoing basis. The idea behind nofap is that by abstaining from such behavior, one can reduce the adverse effects associated with such habits like depression, anxiety, poor health, etc. But how does someone go about doing this? And why would anyone want to do it at all?

What Is Nofap Hard Mode?

Hard-core users who have been using online services like Reddit’s r/nofap may be familiar with the concept of nofap hard mode to make quitting porn easier. In short, here’s how it works: You choose a date when you will completely stop masturbating and then stick to your word until that day comes around. Afterward, if you feel you still haven’t recovered enough, you’re free to keep going but only under strict guidelines outlined below.

Rules of HardMode Nofap

To participate in nofap hard mode, you should know several essential things. First off, you must always use condoms during masturbation sessions and refrain from having sex unless you’ve taken precautions against sexually transmitted diseases. Also, while participating in any sexual activity—even kissing—is prohibited, you can watch others engage in these activities provided they aren’t fully nude. These restrictions apply even if you don’t consider yourself asexual. If you are unfamiliar with rules of regular no fap, read them here..

After six months, if you struggle with cravings, you might want to try out hard mode again. However, you’ll also need to develop new goals to help reinforce your resolve. If you succeed in staying away for another full year without breaking your nofap vow, you can permanently switch over to monk mode. Here are some other common questions people often ask about this lifestyle change.

Monk Mode

After sticking through the first phase of nofap for a period lasting longer than half a year, some hardcore practitioners decide to take it a step further and avoid pornography and masturbation entirely. They refer to this second stage of the process as Monk Mode.

During this final phase, which typically lasts six months to 1 year, you are encouraged to maintain abstinence from sex and masturbation forever. At this point, you won’t necessarily be forced to rely solely on willpower alone anymore. Instead, you can enlist the aid of support groups, therapists, coaches, mentors, and friends.

Some experts recommend taking breaks from nofap every seven years or so to allow your body time to recover. If you’re curious whether you’d benefit from doing something like this, check out Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s guide to quitting porn. He talks about his own experience in great detail.

Nofap Hard Mode Vs. Soft Mode

There is another type of approach called Soft Mode, where the user doesn’t actively seek to overcome temptations but instead tries to prevent himself from indulging them simply. According to proponents of this method, people shouldn’t force themselves to resist temptation but rather ignore it.

So if you’re looking for advice on dealing with urges or cravings, the quiet mode could work for you. On the flip side, however, you risk becoming complacent if you let your attention wander too frequently. Since temptations keep coming up anyway, it becomes easy to give in.

Soft Mode isn’t considered safe for people trying to kick addictions like substance abuse or gambling. So if you suffer from compulsions related to drugs, alcohol, shopping, eating disorders, etc., we suggest avoiding this path.

Is Nofap Hardmode right for you?

Before joining a community dedicated to helping you quit porn, please think carefully about whether you want to do this. If you’re already experiencing problems in areas of your life unrelated to porn addiction, perhaps you should first focus on addressing those concerns.

Many people who attempt to follow the steps above end up giving up on their quest halfway through. Those who continue usually do so because they realize they aren’t ready to handle the challenges ahead. Remember that you can always reverse your commitment and return to the standard version of nofap at any time.

Are you having a tough time with hardmode? Here are best tips for you to never quit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long did I last before switching back to my everyday life? Was it more complicated than expected? 

A1: Most people start feeling uncomfortable within days of beginning the program. It’s best to expect this discomfort to subside within weeks. Once this happens, many participants report being able to stay clean indefinitely. Some claim never to have felt better since starting.

Q2: Did I ever experience anything terrible happen because I decided to quit? For example, am I more prone to depression now?

A2: While we cannot prove cause and effect relationships between certain behaviors and mental health issues, research has shown that individuals who complete a 12-week course similar to ours tend to see significant improvements across multiple domains, including physical health, self-esteem, social skills, emotional well-being, and confidence. We hope our experiences speak for themselves!

Q3: Does abstinence hurt performance in bed? Can I get aroused usually? Will I lose interest in sex?

A3: This depends mainly on individual preferences. Due to abstinence, many participants enjoy increased stamina, stronger orgasms, and improved libido. Others experience none of those benefits whatsoever. As far as arousal goes, most guys say they were less turned on before quitting and found it difficult to become interested once they started. A few said they became much more attracted to women after stopping.

Last Thoughts

To learn more about quitting porn safely, explore our list of recommended resources. We cover everything you need to know, from apps designed to block explicit content to podcasts meant to educate you about healthy sexuality.

Also, check out our article explaining why you should quit porn today. Finally, read this informative piece detailing how watching porn affects your brain chemistry.

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